nic newman • 
director//vocals, songwriting, instrumentation, engineering

Toronto producer/composer and DJ known for his obsessive work with the Indigo Cabaret, and more recently The Love Orchestra, Nic trots around the psychedelic underground consistently pushing the boundaries of what can be done in the club and festival scene.

jam enigma • executive producer//vocals, piano, songwriting, assistant engineer

Jam Enigma is a classicaly, operatically trained vocalist, musician, composer and producer from Victoria, BC. Known for her unique voice with a great power to cross genres and styles with grace, Jamie brings a smile to the face and a skip to the dance.


marlee bartman • songwriting, artistic direction, vocals

With a mystical and vibrant flow of lyricism and stage performance, Marlee brings in a strong mystical, sensual and magickal feeling to the Orchestra – providing vocals, lyrics and instrumentation alongside dance and ritual.

sabrina leanne • flute, vocals, songwriting/engineering

As skilled as she is charming, Sabrina brings an array of musical talents including flute, vocals, composition and production. Her unique style and flow make the Orchestra a more complete picture.


doug richardson • violin, cello, vocals, songwriting

Violin virtuoso, imagineer and busker responsible for many of the melodies around the group, Doug also works with another Toronto project, the Freckled Arm Revolution. His unique textures add something subtle and alive to the electronic backdrop.

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psyche waddell • producer, synthesizer, mastering, social media

An ambassador of the internet, breathed into life in the third dimension by projecting herself as a hologram, Psyche works with the Orchestra to ensure quality production, aesthetic, and fun.